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GDPR: A guide for small business owners

After four years of debating and preparing, changes to data protection rules were finally approved by the EU Parliament in April 2016. And since then, the ‘GDPR’ has been a hot topic. But is your business ready for the regulation changes coming into action on May 25th, 2018? This guide will tell you everything you [...]

Be Heard Day: Is your business loud enough?

Being a Small Business owner comes with lots of challenges, even with something you love. Getting your message out to bring the customers in can be daunting, stressful and overall difficult. Marketing campaigns can be a harsh beast to tackle, but that’s what Be Heard Day is here to help with! What is Be Heard [...]

Top 10 guide to copyright infringement

How do you avoid copyright infringement? Copyright infringement is quite common and isn’t always malicious or done with disregard. Yet, breaking copyright does damage the income of the original copyright owner. When it comes to handling third party content, you should always be careful. Even if you didn’t understand the laws of copyright, this isn't [...]

NHS and Microsoft team up on Cyber Attack prevention

In 2017, the NHS was the victim of a worldwide cyber attack called “WannaCry”.  The news broke that the NHS was using system that were out of date and vulnerable to the EternalBlue exploit. It damaged the NHS’s ability to operate during this time, and put many other companies and users into a frenzy. What [...]

Intel face “meltdown” due to large security flaw.

Intel CPUs have a huge flaw and the patch could have drastic performance issues. Intel. Even technophobes will recognise the name as their product currently (as of Q1 2018) makes up 81% of market share. It’s been a friend to offices and homes, consumers and professionals for decades. Even their iconic jingle from their Intel [...]

The Best Startups of 2017

Who are the Best Startups of 2017? 2017 has seen a lot of new comers make massive strides changing their industries for the better. Some of these startups were formed this year, others within the last 3. With online becoming a huge element of our lives now, these businesses have managed to innovate and grow [...]

Uber covered up data breach, paid off hackers £75,000.

Uber data breach from 2016 revealed along with cover up. When it comes to making an Uber mistake, there’s no-one with a better-suited name to do so than smartphone-based “ride-hailing” company Uber. This morning it was confirmed that an Uber data breach took place making them another victim of a cyber attack, but not recently. The [...]

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Tips to prepare your eCommerce store for Black Friday & Cyber Monday

When it comes to Black Friday and Cyber Monday, e-commerce is becoming king. If you run your own online store, how are you preparing your store for the festive shopping fun? We’ve taken a look at different examples of e-commerce tips and tricks to give you potential ways to make your store stand out and [...]

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What does the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update offer?

What’s new? What’s changed? Should I update Windows 10? We’re here! Windows 10 has brought out one of its biggest updates so far since its launch in 2015. Dubbed the Fall Creators Update, this version of Windows (also called version 1709) comes with new software, upgrades to old software and changes all over the place. [...]

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