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Uber covered up data breach, paid off hackers £75,000.

Uber data breach from 2016 revealed along with cover up. When it comes to making an Uber mistake, there’s no-one with a better-suited name to do so than smartphone-based “ride-hailing” company Uber. This morning it was confirmed that an Uber data breach took place making them another victim of a cyber attack, but not recently. The [...]

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Tips to prepare your eCommerce store for Black Friday & Cyber Monday

When it comes to Black Friday and Cyber Monday, e-commerce is becoming king. If you run your own online store, how are you preparing your store for the festive shopping fun? We’ve taken a look at different examples of e-commerce tips and tricks to give you potential ways to make your store stand out and [...]

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What does the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update offer?

What’s new? What’s changed? Should I update Windows 10? We’re here! Windows 10 has brought out one of its biggest updates so far since its launch in 2015. Dubbed the Fall Creators Update, this version of Windows (also called version 1709) comes with new software, upgrades to old software and changes all over the place. [...]

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VR & Architecture have become unexpected partners

How is VR changing Architecture? With Virtual Reality (VR) becoming a key player in technology, gaining its start in gaming and moving into video entertainment along with health care and education. It’s also made itself quite a splash in the architecture industry. It makes sense, being able to see the room at full scale before [...]

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A Brief Rundown on Cybercrime in 2017

Cybercrime isn’t going away, with more and more companies making the big switch to digital, it’s not surprising that cybercrime is on the rise. The Office of National Statistics (ONS) estimated that there were 2.46 million cyber incidents and 2.11 million victims of cybercrime in the UK alone in 2015. [1] With data breaches becoming [...]

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Five of the Most Influential Designers

  Some of the most influential products and creations are things we passively use or see every day, but behind each one of these comes a designer. We've put together a list of some of the most influential designers that have been in the industry. James Dyson – Founder of Dyson In 1978, after James [...]

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Create Your Own “Portable Office”

Whether you’re traveling for work, meeting up with a client or you’re just always on the go. You’ll more than likely find yourself in a situation where you need to work but you don’t have the resources that you need while you’re out of the office. With the introduction of hybrid tablets and smaller devices [...]

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10 of the Worst Cyber Attacks in History

Cyber Attacks aren’t just a new concept, it’s been going on for decades, not just during the golden age of the Internet, but even before it’s modernisation for consumers. Here are 10 examples of the worst Michael Calce under the name MafiaBoy caused $1 billion dollars in damages in 2000 by unleashing a DDoS attack [...]

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