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How Is BIM Software Impacting The World Of Consultant Architects?

What is BIM Software? Building information modelling (BIM) is a new process used in the construction and design industry for creating and managing a project across its whole lifespan. The software allows architects to design a project which can be accessed online by the whole construction team, project owner, and anyone else involved, who [...]

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What personality traits would make you a good consultant?

Consultancy can be a hard field to get into, there are lots of different traits that make up a good consultant from a bad. Do you have what it takes? The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is a self-report which is quite popular in the business sector. After answering a series of questions you are given [...]

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The Top Paid and Most Popular Consultancy

Infographic Sources: consultancy/ ideas/

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Professional Indemnity Insurance Guide

In this Professional Indemnity Insurance guide, Black and White will look at all aspects of PII, including industries in which it is mandatory by professional bodies, as well as some example claims in order to provide a full understanding of this form of insurance. Professional Indemnity Insurance (PII) could protect your business from legal disputes and accusations [...]

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Technology And Communications: What Are The Risks For Your Business?

The Technology and Communications sector can be particularly tricky, with an evolving landscape and broad range of complex, bespoke risks. What exactly are these hazards, though?  At Black and White we are here to highlight some of the leading risks involved for technology focused companies and self-employed contractors. Intellectual Property Disputes Intellectual property is extremely important to [...]

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7 of the world’s biggest data breaches

Data breaches, where confidential or protected data is obtained by an unauthorised party, can be hugely impactful for a company both financially and reputationally. Companies and self-employed individuals of all types can be targeted if they have data in their possession. Here, we look at  the seven largest known data breaches of all time. 7. [...]

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