Commercial, legal and tax investigation insurance

When mistakes happen,
make sure you’re covered.

Cover features

  • Legal and Tax Advice

  • Legal Documents

  • Counselling assistance

  • Employment

  • Tax Protection

  • Contract and Debt Recovery

Policy features

  • Experienced broker with access to unique UK insurer schemes

  • Dedicated customer service, support with a UK based contact centre

As a business owner, we recognise the importance of your having the necessary access to legal services – without those costs eating into your operating budget.


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Our Commercial Legal, and Tax Investigation Insurance offers:

Legal and Tax Advice

Legal and Tax advice is available over the phone 365 days a year 24/7

– You can only discuss UK tax or legal business matters governed by EU law.

Legal Documents

You have unlimited access covering a wide range of topics from our website

– An additional fee may be charged for some documents. However, most of them are free of charge.

Counselling assistance

Free confidential advice by trained counsellors available 24/7

– This service is restricted to you or your employees, not for friends and family.


Defence against an employee dispute regarding contract of service or statutory rights under employment legislation

– You will not be covered for the defence of unfair redundancy that occurs within the first 180 days and legal costs and expenses relating to internal disciplinary hearings or grievances.

Tax Protection

A formal aspect or full enquiry into your business tax affairs e.g. Tax avoidance schemes

– Investigations by specialist investigators would not be covered e.g. Fraud or where you have not conformed to legal timescales or acted negligently

Contract and Debt Recovery

Contract disputes and debt recovery actions relating to the purchase, hire, hire purchase, lease servicing maintenance testing,

sale or provision of goods or services within the EU

– You won’t be covered for financial products and the sale or purchase of land or buildings

– Any claim less than £200.00 is not covered

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