Be Heard Day: Is your business loud enough?

Being a Small Business owner comes with lots of challenges, even with something you love. Getting your message out to bring the customers in can be daunting, stressful and overall difficult. Marketing campaigns can be a harsh beast to tackle, but that’s what Be Heard Day is here to help with!


What is Be Heard Day?

With bigger companies dominating the marketing space, it can be a huge task to let your local or small business shine through. Shannon Cherry is a Marketing and Business Stategist that looked into this issue and decided to take action. This came in the form of Be Heard Day, starting in 2004 the goal has been to make a difference to small business owners by giving away knowledge and services for free that’ll help them ‘Be Heard’.


How to Celebrate Be Heard Day

Whether you own a business, are setting one up or just want to support them. The easiest and most helpful way to help is to go onto Shannon Cherry’s website and sign up to see what is available to you. There’s tons of advice to help your business grow.

Make sure you take time to sit down and review your business and how marketing can improve, and where it needs improving. Do research on your business area and what works best and don’t just follow your opinion compared to the facts. Check what creative ways you can benefit your business. Have you thought of social media, blogging, video content? Does your current methods suit your business and target audience?

If you don’t own a business, simply taking part by looking at small businesses in your area is helpful enough! You could treat yourself to a day of small and independant shopping. Finding these small and unique businesses allows you to find something new, and potentially great new places to buy gifts.

It’s a great time to network, be found, be heard and be a part of something. Tweet out #BeHeardDay to show you’re taking part and look at who else you can connect with.


Need to protect your business?

If you’re a small business that gives advice or a professional service, you may need Professional Indemnity insurance. Get yourself a quick, simple and hassle-free quote with us here at Black & White. Click here for a Business insurance quote.


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